The Art of Divining

Divining is one of the oldest tools in history, traced all the way back to the very beginning of time. Divining or dowsing was first used to find clean water using sticks, reeds or any type of rod. This skill was further developed as time went on and was commonly used to discover oil, finding minerals, metals, locating geopathic stress in the land and finding missing objects.

On a more spiritual level, our bodies are the ultimate divining tool and when we use the rods and/or pendulums, we are simply tapping into our own intuition and connection to source energy which is then extended to the tools we are using to divine to get answers. Its important to always use these tools from a place of true humbleness and open heart to receive proper answers.

At this month's Shamanic Tribes Gathering on Sunday 24th June, Paul O'Halloran, who teaches the art of divining and has over 30 years experience working with these tools, will be joined by Sean Cornally, who is a dedicated craftsman of divining rods and other healing tools.

Sean makes a wide range of divining rods, each ones unique and very powerful for a range of different uses.

To see his work and different tools, check out his Facebook page here:

To find out more about Paul's work, check his website here:

Join us for this amazing workshop where Paul and Sean will talk and demonstrate together this ancient art.

Divining rods and pendulums will be provided on the day but also feel free to bring your own!

This will be followed by a crystal healing workshop with Kieran Burke and Cliona Ball from Atlantis Octahedron Crystal Healing. Kieran and Clio will give us a talk on the crystals and demonstrate their work.

We will finish off the evening with a drumming circle with Community Spirit Drumming

Again, please do bring your own drums, shamanic drums, rattles, percussions, etc if you wish.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

The entry fee is €10 on the door, €15 if you would like a table to advertise yourself, your business and /or sell any products. Please contact for any more info.

Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with upcoming events:

See ye on the 24th June:)

Please see website for directions.

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